Week 1 Summary

The first week is in the books. Let's take a look at how we did.

In Week 1, we played 11 parlays and won 7 of them, being particularly strong at the beginning of the week. Only one of those parlays had more than one losing team - the Tuesday parlay with the upside of the Minnesota Twins stopping their double-digit losing streak. Here's how all the picks breakdown.

In Week 1 we won 10 of 12 MLB games, 1 of 1 WNBA games, 6 of 7 NCAAF games, 2 of 2 tennis matches and 1 of 2 soccer games - 20 of 24 overall... on the record. I gave you Germany earlier in the week but didn't bet on it. And the soccer game I didn't win, Poland led 2-0. But I don't want to play the "they were winning" game because Tennessee should have lost and that would have set us back.

We were able to turn $100 into $240.25, more than doubling the money.

Here's what I learned from this week:

  • Strategy - Before the week started, I didn't really have an idea of how I was going to get from $100 to $100,000. Now I have a plan. If I can double the money every week, I will get to $100,000 in 10 weeks, far faster than the goal of 52 weeks. Now that I know exactly what the benchmarks are each week, I can make more accurate judgments on what to put up.
  • From the MLB - I thought MLB would be the hardest to bet because anyone can win one baseball game. However, the stats can really help you pick the right team. 
  • Also from the MLB - The 'break even' bet is a good strategy to avoid losing money. Pick the two teams who have the highest chance to win on a parlay and if it wins, you don't take a real loss.
  • Soccer - I had a strategy that I played with during the week that I didn't bet on, but would have won with. When both teams and the draw are at least +150, you can pick the team you think will win and the draw, playing single bets. As long as the other team doesn't win, you end up with a win that pays your other bet and leaves you with some cash. The one problem with that strategy is if the other team wins, you're in trouble. The two games I wanted to use this strategy for were Brazil (against Ecuador) and Spain (against Belgium). I was pretty sure they weren't going to lose, I just didn't know if they'd win. They both won.
  • Interesting Stat - 6 of the 7 cover photo teams for the day won. Only LSU lost. We'll have to see if that's a trend.

Now we're more prepared. Let's see how we do.