Winners: RUS vs. SAU

Well, we've been gone for a while but we're back now! It feels great to be back. With the World Cup about to begin, we couldn't more excited to get back to trying to never take L's. It should be a great tournament, but there are four clear favorites - Brazil, Germany, Spain and France. At one point, you would have been able to bet those four teams in a futures bet and get a guaranteed payout. However, as usual, the clowns have bet up one of the favorites, throwing off the math. Nevertheless, I digress. We're not really about futures. We're about one-off games. So let's get to it!

To kick off the World Cup, host Russia will play Saudi Arabia. Russia is the 70th ranked team in the world (ranked by FIFA) and Saudi Arabia is ranked 67th. Here's how we'll bet the game:

  • Pick 1: Russia -240 (Bet $36 to win $15.12)
  • Pick 2: Draw +325 (Bet $12 to win $39)

We're going to take it relatively easy jumping back into this. Russia is not a great team, but neither is Saudi Arabia. The one stat that we will lean heavily on today is that World Cup host countries have never lost an opening match. I didn't say they always win - I just said they've never lost. Even South Africa didn't lose in 2010 and they were much worse than Russia while playing a far more formidable opponent in Mexico. Home field has mattered in World Cup play. Fans lift teams. Let's hope for the same today.

Fingers crossed!