Winners: PSG vs. CEL

Winners: PSG vs. CEL

I finally left Las Vegas and returned to some hurricane problems. The power is back on and the bets are back. For those of you who missed out, we went 14-1 on picks in Vegas last week and got up to a 52% return at one point before finishing just above 30%. The bets listed are bet as a percentage of the balance, so whenever you use this as a guide, view this as a confidence based betting system. Obviously, I don’t expect anyone to bet $70 to win $3. Instead use the fact that I’m betting $70 out of a balance of $200 to understand I believe this is all but guaranteed to win, then bet whatever you want. That’s what I’m doing.

Now let’s try to get back on the right path.

Today, Paris St. Germain travel to play Celtic in UEFA Champions League action. PSG is loaded with talent all over the field. It probably needs just one player to be the favorite to win the Champions League – a defensive midfielder. Outside of that one player, it has defensive and attacking options all over the field. This is going to be a very brief synopsis. The only way Celtic can win this game is by a PSG mistake or red cards. Celtic’s only advantage is that it plays at home. PSG is so much better than Celtic, it’s almost equal to playing a second-tier team. That is the divide in talent on these two teams.

Here’s how we’ll bet it.

  • Pick 1: PSG -425 (Bet $70 to win $16.80)
  • Pick 2: Draw +525 (Bet $14 to win $73.50)

The net gains in the bet are low, relatively. However, in my opinion, it is so close to guaranteed money that it must be played. As usual, fingers crossed, hoping for the best.