Week Summary

Week Summary

Last week started out very rough. But we were still able to make it through the week in the black. We went 5-5 on straight bets last week, but started out 2-5. Even worse, our parlay record got destroyed because of the early-week problems. We went 1-4 on parlays last week. All of that losing brought us to 13-8 on straight bets and an even 6-6 on parlays. We finished the week up over our initial investment of $100 just $24.34, a decrease from $54.66. All things considered, it was worth it to learn from our mistakes. Now we’ll look to keep the momentum from a week in which we finished 3-0 on straight picks and 1-0 on parlays. We have a path to success and we’ll try to build on it.

For the week, our record in each sport was:

  • MLB: 3-5
  • WNBA: 1-0
  • Ligue 1: 1-0

Thing we learned from last week:

  • When a baseball team is better than another, but they struggle against that team, do not bet them – this killed us twice. Never again.

By the way, I said keep betting the Dodgers. They’ve lost once since I said that.