Winners: IRQ vs. THA

We were able to keep the new streak alive as AC Milan beat Cagliari 2-1. We’re taking modest gains but they’re still gains. Better than losses.

On to the next action.

Early Thursday morning, Iraq plays Thailand in a World Cup qualifier. These two teams are the last two in the group of six that includes Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. The two have combined for one total win in 15 games played – that win was a 4-0 win by Iraq over Thailand. Although both have struggled in group play, Iraq has been competitive in its losses. Its goal differential is only -3 compared to -16 by Thailand. The second group fixture between the two will be in Thailand so I don’t expect the game to be as lopsided.

Here’s how we’ll bet:

  • Pick 1: Iraq +115 (Bet $30 to win $34.50)
  • Pick 2: Draw +250 (Bet $30 to win $75)

The rationale for this is simple – knock on wood. Thailand has yet to win a game in the group and have already lost 4-0 to Iraq. 4-0 is a thorough beating in soccer. It’s probably equivalent to 35-10 in football or a 30-point win in an NBA game. Dismantling would be the correct word. I’m hoping for more of the same. Actually, I’m hoping for the tie, but would rather win than lose. That’s for sure.

Fingers crossed.