Winners: FCB vs. ALA

Since the last time you heard from me, the winning streak concluded. Our downfall? An own goal. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – never bet on Atlanta. Had there not been an own goal, the streak would be at 11 and we’d still be cruising. At this point I’m going to take it as a bump in the road because we’ve got a system rolling and the picks are working.

Let’s move on.

Today, Barcelona visits Alaves in La Liga action. Barcelona has feasted on basically everyone for a decade. Alaves is a regular La Liga team. Despite playing on the road, I don’t expect Barcelona to play timid. It knows it’s better than this team and it will need all three points to try to keep pace with Real Madrid, the favorite for the title. This bet is very simple.

Here’s how we’ll bet.

  • Pick 1: Barcelona -333 (Bet $120 to win $11.30)
  • Pick 2: Draw +450 (Bet $27 to win $6.50)

Now, in my opinion, there is no way Barcelona loses this game. The team is still strong enough to dominate opponents even without Luis Suarez, due to injury, and the recent transfer of Neymar. We’re only adding the draw to bet as insurance.

Let’s see what happens.