Winners: ATL vs. DC

Napoli took care of business for us yesterday, winning 2-0 and more importantly moving our win streak to 10 games. That’s obviously our longest streak and it’s allowed us to surpass last year’s final annual ROI, even if it’s temporary. Hopefully, that’s not the case. I watched the game and it was never that close. Napoli should have easily won the game 5-0. I was watching the game and just thinking, Napoli is so much better than this team – I should have bet more. However, they would have lost if I got greedy – that’s how life works. I’m content with the outcome.

Now to today’s action.

Tonight, Atlanta United goes on the road to face DC United. Atlanta United hasn’t played since August 6, just over two weeks, but that last game was a road tie. Atlanta is not the road team that it is at home. Its MLS road record stands at 4-4-5 while its home record is 6-1-2. More importantly, its goal differential is +2. DC United is sitting in last place in the Eastern Conference and have no shot at the playoffs. However, DC has been a thorn in Atlanta’s side, beating the team in two previous match-ups this season. It’s difficult to see if this is one of those cases in which a team just matches up well with a certain team or if it’s been a fluke. To be fair, both of those games were before July. Atlanta hasn’t lost a game since June. Hopefully, that continues.

Here’s how we’ll bet this game.

  • Pick 1: Atlanta United +120 (Bet $20 to win $24)
  • Pick 2: Draw +260 (Bet $12 to win $31.20)

As previously stated, Atlanta United hasn’t beaten DC United this season. If Atlanta was going to beat this team, or better for us – not lose, today is that day. We’re being more conservative with the bet because we’ve been on a roll and if we lose, that’s not a hole we want to climb out of again. We’ll still net a solid ROI on today’s bets with a non-loss and we’ll move closer to doubling our initial investment.

Let’s keep chopping wood.

For the record, I wanted to also bet the Liverpool-TSG Hoffenheim game but it made me nervous. In general, if your instinct is to avoid a game, it’s probably best to do so. I would have bet Liverpool win and draw. The fact that Liverpool can still move on to the Champions League group stage without winning the game scared me. It could lose by a goal and it wouldn’t affect its status.