Winners: NYM vs. COL

*Originally posted on the Sports Action Blog

For those of you keeping score at home, the last two days have been the roughest so far. We’ve gone 2-2 in straight bets and 0-2 on parlays. Having said all that, we still only lost about 25% of our winnings. That’s house money so we’re still good. We have three picks and two parlays today so let’s see if we can move back in the right direction.

For today's picks we’ll still play with $100 and bet $25 on each of the straight bets, $15 on Parlay 1 and $10 on Parlay 2.

Tonight, the New York Mets play at the Colorado Rockies. The Mets are having a disappointing season filled with injuries to key players while the Rockies resurgence has them in the playoffs despite being in the same division as the best team in baseball. For the Mets, rookie Chris Flexen gets the ball. Flexen is coming off his first career start in which he allowed three earned runs in three innings. He took the loss against the San Diego Padres. Colorado’s lineup, especially at home, is not the San Diego Padres. For the Rockies, Tyler Chatwood starts. Chatwood is 6-11 on the season with a 4.78 ERA and a 1.46 WHIP. Chatwood hasn’t been great this year. In fact, he’s pitched 1/3 inning against the Mets this season and allowed four earned runs. However, what’s interesting is that the players currently on the Mets roster are batting just .208 against him. The Rockies have yet to face Flexen, obviously but I trust Nolan Arenado and crew to get quality at-bats. Also, Coors Field has been a home-field advantage for the Rockies. They’re 7-2 in their last nine games at home. Follow the money.

Pick: Colorado Rockies -145 (Bet $25 to win $17.24)

Here's the breakdown of how I want to play today’s picks in parlays.

  • Parlay 1 (Bet $15 to win $20.74)
    • Pittsburgh Pirates -170
    • Houston Astros -200

These are the two teams of the three I’ve picked that are most likely to win. This is your ‘breakeven’ parlay. You pair them in the parlay because you should get a good enough return to erase your loses and they are likely to both win.

  • Parlay 2 (Bet $10 to win $30.25)
    • Pittsburgh Pirates -170
    • Houston Astros -200
    • Colorado Rockies -145

Click for the Pittsburgh or Houston write-up. This is your ‘bankroll’ parlay. If you win every individual bet, you might as well get more money by betting them all together. Because you’re putting together so many picks, you’ll get better odds and can bet less money to win a ton.

By the way, although the Dodgers aren’t one of my official picks, I would pick them the rest of the season. They’ve won 40 of 46 games. Yikes. But I digress. We could use a good night to get back on the right path. Take these picks and follow along on the Sports Action App.