Winners: RMA vs. COR

Well, yesterday was a little nerve-racking. Atletico was losing 2-0, playing a man down after Antoine Griezmann was sent off with his second yellow car (for diving but if you watch the replay, it was a foul), and with 15 minutes left, came back to tie the game and win us more money. That was way too close for comfort but if I had no idea what was happening, I’d be more than happy with the outcome considering we won more money for the draw. Whatever. It happened. We won. Let’s move on.

Up until this point in the week, we’re undefeated on picks. Today is the last day of the week and we’ve got two games today to play. Let’s see if we can accomplish the rare undefeated week.

Today, Real Madrid visits Deportivo La Coruña. Real Madrid has been the best club team in the world for the past couple of years. That being said, it’s begun this season by easily dismantling a suddenly inferior Barcelona team 5-1 in two legs of the Spanish Super Cup. With two warm-up games against the second best team in La Liga (see tweet below), Real Madrid should be more than ready to play a team which has yet to face real competition in this early season. Even with a suspended Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid should be fine because of the depth of world-class players it possesses. Deportivo has been the opposite of Real Madrid as it was almost relegated last season. In the two teams match-ups last season, Real Madrid scored nine goals in two games. Yikes.

Let’s take a look at how we’ll bet this game.

  • Pick 1: Real Madrid -333 (Bet $65 to win $19.52)
  • Pick 2: Draw +475 (Bet $14 to win $66.50)

We’re not going to win much on either of these outcomes but remember it’s a percentage of the bet. For example, if Real Madrid wins, we’ll net about $5. A $5 return on a $65 bet is a return of about 8%. An 8% return in two hours is better than most investments you can make. It’s not a 100% guarantee but it’s risk worth taking.

Like every other bet, let’s hope this one pulls through.