Winners: ATM vs. GIR

We’ve been on a good stretch recently. I’m finally back and I’m hitting my stride with the bets. In the words of an athlete, I was probably trying to do too much instead of just letting the game come to me. We’ve won six straight bets since our disastrous, rare loss by the Milwaukee Brewers. That loss set us back quite a bit and we’re just now recovering. But with all things in life, you have to learn from your mistakes. I was far too trusting with players I didn’t know too much about – I was just following stats. I’ve once again started playing what I know and it’s gotten us back on the right path. Just have to keep chopping wood.

Hopefully, we can keep it going today.


Today, Atlético Madrid visits Girona in La Liga Week 1. Here’s some background info on Girona if you’re not familiar with them. Yeah, I’m not familiar with them either. They are a newly promoted team and its first game is against a team that is unquestionably a top three team in La Liga. I would assume they’re in trouble. In Girona’s preseason, it played five games, not scoring in four of them against weak competition. Atlético is one of the world’s best defensive teams so it’s not going to be easy for their players to score today. In terms of offense, Atlético boasts some of the most potent players in the world led by French international Antoine Griezmann. Atlético scored the third most amount of goals in La Liga last season, 70, trailing only Real Madrid and Barcelona’s 100+ each. However, it only allowed 27 goals, ten fewer than the next closest team.


Here’s how will do the picks. Like other soccer picks, I’m going to take a win and a draw. Why not be more sure of making money.

  • Pick 1: Atlético Madrid -175 (Bet $75 to win $42.86)
  • Pick 2: Draw +300 (Bet $30 to win $90)

In my opinion, Girona will do everything it can to start the season without a loss. I think the team will park the bus and try not to give up any goals because it will be hard for it to score any. With that being the case, a draw may be in the cards today. Again, as long as Girona doesn’t pull a massive upset and win the game, we will make money. We’re hoping for the draw because it will net us more money, but a win is safer.

This year we’re 3-0 on soccer bets so let’s see what happens.