Day 12

It's been a tough week. Another loss yesterday. This is the first time both picks of a parlay has lost. Baseball, which has usually held to the stats, didn't work out yesterday. That's my fault for trusting people I don't know based on statistics alone. Despite the ups and downs of this week, we're luckily still up overall from Day 1. Trying to stay positive. Our new balance is $215.43.

Today, we have one bet: MLB.

  • Bet 1 ($200 to win $76.92)
    • Washington Nationals (-260) vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Here's the reasoning behind the pick. This is the first day that we aren't betting a parlay because we are going for it today to salvage this week. It only takes one team to win for us to win. Tanner Roark starts for the Nationals against the Phillies. They're also at home. We bet Roark in a Parlay against the Phillies last week and he won. He is 3-0 in 4 starts against them this year, allowing just 2 runs in 28 innings! We need this win to get back on track. 

Let's see what happens.