Day 9

We stayed undefeated in tennis bets yesterday. Apparently, when I bet tennis, I print money. The new balance is now $305.43, more than halfway to the goal of $400 with 6 days left this week.

Today, we've got one parlay: soccer.

  • Parlay 1 ($20 to win $17.06)
    • France (-400) vs. Belarus
    • Belgium (-425) vs. Cyprus 
    • United States (-500) vs. Trinidad and Tobago

Here's the reasoning behind the picks. France plays Belarus. The last three times they have played (all for World Cup qualifying), France has won by two goals. Their last three matches were from 2012-13. Belgium plays Cyprus. This is a 'take care of business' game. You can't waste games in World Cup qualifying. The United States plays Trinidad and Tobago. It's a home game for the US, so they will play to win.

I hate betting soccer because of the ties, but I believe these games will be wins.